Article Abstract

Journal of Medical and Biological Science

Review|Published December 2021|Vol. 7 (4): 15-18.


Growing Need for Alternative Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy in the Face of Vaccination Uptake Hesitancy in the United States

Nura Ikhalea1,2* and Hafsah Mohammed1

1Department of Business Administration, Texas Woman’s University, Texas USA.

2Middle Space Consulting, 35 Justice Sowemimo St, Asokoro 900110, Abuja, Nigeria.



There has been accelerated effort geared towards the swift creation of COVID-19 vaccines; however, this fast pace poses a negative impact on vaccine acceptance. The current US COVID vaccine hesitancy of 23-33% has a ripple effect and makes it impossible to attain community immunity. The primary aim of this study was to assess the current COVID vaccine hesitancy rates and to argue for the need of more effective strategies to improve its uptake in the US. This paper reviewed quantitative peer-reviewed publications assessing COVID vaccine hesitancy in the US. It was revealed that COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy was influenced by myriad factors like gender, education, political affiliation, race and location. Transparency and a mix of communication, local partnerships, incentives and arguably legal strategies can be adopted to attenuate US COVID vaccine hesitancy. Lastly, vulnerable demographics (black Americans and conservatives) need targeted COVID vaccine information.

Keywords: Covid 19 Vaccines, Herd Immunity, Vaccine Uptake, Hesitancy and Vaccine Education.

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