Challenges and Copping Strategies of Lecturers of Agricultural Education in Utilizing Research Findings for Effective Service Delivery in Higher Institutions in Nigeria


Asogwa, V. C., Okoye, R. N. and Nongugwa, D. T.


Research Paper I Published July,2016


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 2 (3), pp. 37-42.


This study identified challenges and coping strategies lecturers of Agriculture Education in utilizing research findings for effective service delivery in higher institutions in Nigeria. Three research questions were developed to get answers together with testing of three hypotheses. Survey research design was used for the study. Entire population of 55 lecturers were used for the study. A 26 items Research Findings Utilization Questionnaire (RFUQ) was used for data collection. The instrument was validated by three experts. Cronbach Alpha Reliability method was used to determine the internal consistency of the instrument and a reliability coefficient of 0.91 was obtained which means that the instrument is highly reliable.55 copies of the questionnaires were administered but only 53 copies were retrieved and analysed using mean and standard deviation to answer the research questions. It was found that twelve challenges were encountered by lecturers in utilizing research finding, seven strategies were adopted by lecturers in utilizing research findings, and seven ways in which the chances of utilizing research findings by lecturers could be enhanced. It was, therefore, recommended that the strategies adopted by experienced lecturers in utilizing research findings should also be employed by inexperienced lecturers for effective service delivery among others.

Key Words: Challenges, Coping strategies, Lecturers, Agricultural education, Research findings and service delivery.

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