Technical Vocational Education and Training and Local Technologies: A Panacea for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Skills Development


Okorieocha Christopher Ndudi and Vareba Saturday Samuel


Review I Published July,2016


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 2 (3), pp. 32-36.


The technological ability of citizens of a nation determines the efficiency at which the nation harnesses her natural resources or utilizes resources acquired from other nations. Abundance of natural resources will not naturally transform into wealth. Transforming the nations’ natural resources requires knowledge and skills which has to do with local technologies. Developing and adapting technology indigenously for harnessing local natural resources is more sustainable than importing finished products. Technological vocational education and training (TVET) has remained one of the effective means through which advance technology can be achieved. The paper examined the vital role TVET plays in developing required quality human knowledge and skills that stimulate economic growth and development of a nation. The paper concluded that the local technology if well harnessed through TVET will provide entrepreneurial skills development for the Nigerian youth and in the long run economic stability for the country. It was recommended among others that educational institutions offering TVET programme should intensify efforts in carrying out local technologies related research that will aid artisans and technicians in the job market to increase their level of skill development on local technologies.

Key Words: Local technologies, Sustainable entrepreneurship, Skills development.

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