The Economic Effects and Awareness of Health Implications of Mobile Phone Usage among Students of the University for Development Studies


John Dadzie Thompson, Gilbert Ansoglenang and Suuk Laar


Full Length Research Paper I Published September,2018


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 4 (3), pp. 38-48.


This paper investigated the economic and health effects of mobile phones usage among students of the University for Development Studies (UDS).  Research shows that excessive use of mobile phones has its corresponding consequences, which can either be positive or negative. The findings of this research showed that the three topmost economic impacts of mobile phones on students are that, mobile money can be used to pay for utility bills. Secondly, the mobile money industry creates jobs for agents; and thirdly, mobile phones enable one to communicate with ease without having to travel.  Results of the investigation further showed that mobile phone usage has adverse health effects. For example, long hours of using mobile phones might lead to serious health issues.  Also, mobile phone usage emits electromagnetic radiation, which can cause cancer; and further, staring at a mobile phone for many hours can cause eye problems in the future.

Key Words:
Mobile phone, cell phone, smartphone, economic effect, health effect.


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