Article Abstract

Journal of Medical and Biological Science

Review|Published May 2020|Vol. 6 (2): 14-20.


Overview of the Introduction to the New Coronavirus (Covid19): A Review

Ebrahim Alinia-Ahandani1* and Milad Sheydaei2

1Department of Biochemistry, Payame Noor University, Tehran, I.R. Iran, P.O.BOX 19395-3697.

2Faculty of Polymer Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, P.B.Box 51335-1996, Tabriz,Iran.



The word corona means “crown,” and when examined clearly, the round virus has a “crown” of proteins called peplomers jutting out from its center in every direction. This paper looks at the cause, effects of COVID19 and treatment. Also, comparing with similar forms of this virus and possible means of transfer, symptoms were distinguished and preventive methods such as hand washing, touching of surfaces, being calm, avoid panic, personal hygiene, etc. This paper made clear insight into previous studies and hope which were and are been proved by some acceptable sources. The paper suggests some procedures for controlling and having a united whole management to inhibit the pandemic issue.

Keywords: COVID19; Crown; Virus; Washing; Risk.

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