Article Abstract

Journal of Medical and Biological Science

Short Communication|Published May 2020|Vol. 6 (2): 11-13.


Metastasis and immune-metabolic interference

Michael J. Dochniak

Alleam, LLC., Minnesota USA


Cancer is a life-t hreatening disease attributable to unhindered growth and metastasis. Metastatic cells spread to distant locations in the body and form malignant tumors, the leading cause of death in cancer patients. A primary function of the immune system is to confer protection against cancer. Atopy (i.e., many allergies) has been suggested as cancer immunotherapy to suppress the metabolism of metastatic cells and provide a rate-limiting step in metastasis. This review explores hyper-allergenic skin creams designed to impede metastasis through immune-metabolic interference.

Keywords: Atopy; Immunoglobulin-E antibodies; Hyper-allergenic skin cream; Immune-metabolic interference; Metastasis; Recombinant allergen.

ABBREVIATIONS: IMI; immuno-metabolic interference.

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