Article Abstract

Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies

Research Paper|Published February 2020|Vol. 6 (1):1-10.


Comparative Study on The Availability, Impact, Fate and Mobility of Copper in The Soil of Cocoa Plantations in Oyo, Ondo And Ogun States of Nigeria Due to The Use of Boudreaux Mixture


OGUNLEYE, Idowu Oluwatosin, TAIWO, Omokehinde Folake, OLU-OWOLABI, Bamidele Iromidayo, AGUNBIADE, Foluso Oyedotun, OGUNLEYE, Oluwayemisi Ireti


1Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. 2Department of Chemistry, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. 3Department of Geography and Planning Science, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria.



Soil samples from CRIN cocoa plantation in Oyo State where Boudreaux mixture was previously used as pesticides were compared with soil samples from Ondo and Ogun States where the Keywords is currently being used. Depths 0 to 15 cm and 15 to 30 cm were subjected to five-stage sequential extraction and the Cu extracts from the extraction were read with an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). The total Cu content and the physicochemical parameters of the soils were also determined. The result obtained showed that Cu was bound to the exchangeable, carbonate and organic fractions from the three sites apart from Fe/Mn fraction. The results showed variation in the distribution of the Cu species from one depth to another. Cu from the exchangeable fraction is mostly being transported from the surface to the lower layer. The carbonate bound species is less mobile and is not readily transported down the soil depth. The organic bound Cu has nearly equal distribution between the top and bottom soils and there was little or no transport of the residual Cu species from the top to the bottom. Results showed that all the sites are still been impacted with Cu regardless of when the mixture was used. Moreover, the aim of the study was to find out whether the impact of copper can be eroded from the soil where the mixture was previously used with time. Since it was established that the use of Boudreaux mixture is capable of impacting the soil with copper where the mixture is presently being used. Therefore, plants, human and animal pollution and bioaccumulation are inevitable.

Keywords:Copper speciation, fungicide, Boudreaux mixture, exogenic, lithogenic.


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