Article Abstract

Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies

Research Paper|Published March 2021|Vol. 7 (1):1-8.


Appraisal of electrical wiring and installations status in Isoko area of Delta State, Nigeria


Obukoeroro John1* and Uguru H. E.2


1Electrical/Electronic Department, Delta State Polytechnic Otefe-Oghara, Nigeria

2Department of Agricultural and Bio-environmental Engineering Technology, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Nigeria



Electricity is the prime mover of every economy; hence there is a need to maintain its generation, distribution and consumption. This study was carried out to appraise the status of electrical wiring in the Isoko area of Delta State, Nigeria. A total of 300 residential buildings, 200 makeshift shops and 100 artisan workshops were sampled and their structures, state of connection, overvoltage protection (cut-out fuse) and earthing were accessed. 100 questionnaires were distributed to electricians involved in electrical wiring and installations in the study area. Results obtained from the questionnaires revealed that only 71% of the residential buildings, 23% of the makeshift shops, and 8% of the artisan workshops made use of electric cables that met the NIS recommendations. For electric cable connections, it was observed that there was a lapse in the connections; mostly in the artisan workshops, as some service cables were not properly tightened to the distribution lines. Only 75% of the residential buildings, 53% of the makeshift shops, and 5% of the artisan workshops had approved rating cut-out fuse. It was observed that in artisan workshops, welding machines were connected directly to the service lines. Furthermore, the results revealed that 42% of the residential buildings, 87% of the makeshift shops and 99% of the artisan’s workshops lacked proper earthing. These results revealed electrical risks in many makeshift shops and artisan workshops and the need for the relevant authorities to act fast to minimize power outrage and prevent electrical tragedies in the study area.

Keywords:Artisan, electrical wiring, energy theft, makeshift shops, residential buildings.


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