Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research - Table of Content: December 2020: 6(5) 



Research Paper

Exploratory analysis based on leprosy epidemiological and operational indicators in the city of Governador Valadares/MG/Brazil

Katiuscia Cardoso Rodrigues, Gilvan Ramalho Guedes, Pedro Henrique Ferreira Marçal, Rafael Silva Gama, Ana Clara Siman Andrade,Victor de Lima Rodrigues,Daisy Cristina Monteiro dos Santos,Thais Daiane de Morais Souza,Dirce Ribeiro de Oliveira, Euzenir Nunes Sarno, Milton Ozório Moraes,Jessica K Fairley, Lucia Alves de Oliveira Fraga


Research Paper

Preliminary Screening of Phytoconstituents and Anti-Bacterial Examination of Annona muricata and Cucumbita maxima Leaves

Marcus AC


Frequency Distribution of Prostatic Lesions in Males at Gadarif Advanced Medical Diagnostic Centre, Gadarif State Eastern Sudan

Samia O Massaad, Usama A Elsharief, Rabie A Babiker, Mosab Abdalla Ali Alzubier and Nahid F Aldaw