Kantowski-Sacks Interacting Holographic Dark Energy Model in Barber’s Self Creation Theory


R.Venkateswarlu and J.Satish



Review I Published December,2015


Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies Vol. 1 (5), pp. 68-75


We study the holographic dark energy models with Kantowski-Sachs (KS) space-time in Barber’s second self-creation theory of gravitation. The solutions of the field equations are obtained with the help of two assumptions viz., (i) power law assumption for the average scale factor and (ii) a relation between two metric coefficients. It is observed that, in the KS model, the EoS parameter of dark energy transits from quintessence era toward vacuum era. Some properties of physical and kinematical parameters are also discussed.

Key words: Interacting, Holographic, Dark Energy, Self-Creation Theory, PACS: 98.80.ES; 98.80-K.

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