Analysis of urban open space ecology in the perception of social fitness and comfort


Umunakwe Henry, C., Azubuine, C. E. and Kalu Abarikwu, O.


Full Length Research Paper I Published August,2018


Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies Vol. 4 (1), pp.10-18



This study aimed at examining the influence of urban open spaces in facilitating the social fitness and comfort of urban dwellers in their quest to recreate. To achieve this, measures, contemporary articles, published on urban open space and social fitness and comfort, highlighting researches that attempted to quantify biodiversity and other open space perceptions significant to urban ecological restoration and conservation, were investigated. The researchers conducted a wide range of assessment of existing literature to ascertain forms of urban open space and social fitness and comfort features, and employ a study charting format to identify study priorities and gaps. The researchers thus established a more detailed analysis of designated studies that engage various and advanced approaches to ascertain further ecological phases of urban open space and then appraise the usefulness of these methods in evolving urban restoration concepts and performances influencing both man and his environment.

Key words:Urban open space, biodiversity, social fitness, comfort, urban ecology, green infrastructure.


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