Article Abstract

Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies

Research Paper|Published August 2023|Vol. 9(1):1-9.


Examining the Practice of Using Bamboo for Construction, Indoor and Outdoor Decoration


Eneogwe I.C


Department of Architecture, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria. 



With the rise in the cost of building materials all over the world, there is a need to resort to low-cost building materials or building materials that are not capital-intensive. One of such low-cost building material that suits the purpose of the study is bamboo. This paper attempted to present the use of bamboo in the building industry. The paper made use of the survey method in data gathering and discussion. It was found out that bamboos are formidable in building and interiors, as the innovation has been globally accepted to be quite reliable as a housing decoration tool, especially in developing countries of the world. The study recommended that bamboo should be harnessed as a cost-effective material besides being a preferred option that has gained wide acceptance for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

Key Words:
Cost-effective, Bamboo, indoor decoration, outdoor decorations, bamboo varieties, use of bamboo.


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