Article Abstract

Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies

Research Paper|Published October 2023|Vol. 9(3):15-21.


Deferment Roots in Building Formation and Construction Projects in South-eastern Nigeria


Madukwe, Richard E and Umunakwe, Henry C


1Department of Building, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.

2Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Abia State University Uturu, Nigeria.



Deferment in the course of building formation and construction projects is an aspect of the shared situations in the formation stage of the building industry, several factors like timing, availability of raw material, delay in down payment, and readiness of finance, construction goodwill and building logistics. This study is aimed at determining the prime roots of deferments in the formation stage of building projects in South-eastern Nigeria. Research study approach was engaged throughout the sampled urban areas in South-eastern Nigeria, for instance: Aba, Abakalikki, Owerri, and Awka. 150 copies of well-completed questionnaires were collected and analyzed. The outcome specified that disparities roots, deferments in stage-to-stage overheads, bidding below cost price, and subcontractors’ weak execution, and complications in communication were fundamental to the deferments in the execution of building projects in South-eastern Nigeria. This study is the foremost on the roots of deferments in the formation stage of building projects in South-eastern Nigeria. The relative study revealed two exceptional roots of deferments in the Nigerian building industry, for instance, pressure in demanding job safety, and irrational demand for advance disbursements by constructors. It also discloses diverse categories of deferment roots in accordance by means of notable civil and financial situations in South-eastern Nigeria. Conclusively, the result from the study is not only applicable to South-eastern Nigeria but can be extended to building construction projects in other parts of the developing nations of the world for similar outcomes.

Key Words:
Deferments; building projects; hazard supervision; South-eastern Nigeria, building formation; relative study; building construction.


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