The Effect of Blended Learning Instructional Approach on Secondary School Students Academic Achievement in Geography in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria


Abidoye J. A.


Research Paper I Published September,2015


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 1 (5), pp. 106-110


The study examined the effect of blended learning instructional approach on students’ academic achievement in geography. Two research hypotheses were generated to guide the study. A pre-test posttest control group quasi experimental research design was adopted in the study. A total of 110 senior secondary students were used in the study. Two instruments used in the study are: Geography student achievement test (GSAT) and blended learning package (BLP). Descriptive statistics and t-test were used in the analysis of data. The findings of the study revealed that blended learning instructional approach was more effective in enhancing students’ achievement in geography than conventional teaching method. The result also revealed that there was no significant difference between the academic achievement of male and female students. Based on these findings it was recommended that trainings, seminars and workshops should be organized for the secondary school teachers on the use of blended learning instructional approach and online learning in the teaching of various subjects especially geography. The study also recommended that schools should be equipped with adequate computer systems and internet facilities.

Key Words:
Blended learning, secondary schools, package instructional approach.

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