Demonstrating Some Important Ingredients of Research to Nursing Students in Resource Limited Settings: The Case of Fako Division, South West Region


Atanga MB, Nkezea SA, Tamunjo SST, Kwende OL, Ojong MA4, Kiven, SK and Lifoter KN


Research Paper I Published March,2016


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 2 (2), pp. 10-19.


Many components of the research process have been found to be ignored during the conduct of research by nurses, allied and applied science students either out of ignorance, lack of knowledge or no interest in such issues which are embedded mostly in quantitative research. The tendency to work more with qualitative principles of research may be responsible for such behaviours despite the high need for quantitative studies in nursing and the other allied social and applied sciences. Even where the qualitative approach is said to be in use, in-depth qualitative data analysis is absent. Based on this, a group of schools was studied for motivations to learning and using quantitative research, and the results used to demonstrate these important but neglected aspects. The results are descriptions and demonstrations of sample and sampling technique, quality control, administration of instrument, quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The simplified nature of the results on the specific components can be used by any of such students in the mist of limited resources.

Key Words: Research, Quantitative data, Qualitative data, Data collection, Data analysis and Inferential statistics.

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