Managing Teachers’ Resource Centres for Effective Teachers’ Professional Development in Zanzibar


Mary Atanas Mosha


Research Paper I Published March,2016


Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review Vol. 2 (2), pp. 20-31.


Teachers’ Resource Centres (TRCs) were established in Zanzibar in 1996 with aim of upgrading pedagogical knowledge and skills of teachers who were teaching at primary schools without initial training. The centres are monitored by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training under the Department of Professional Services, Division of Teacher Education. This study investigated the management system at the Teacher Resource Centres and its effectiveness for teachers’ professional development in Zanzibar. The study applied qualitative approach whereby interview schedules and documentary reviews were used to collect data. Findings from the study indicated that Zanzibar TRCs had effective management that played part in teachers’ professional development but encountered with shortage of resources such as funds and teaching facilities to run their programmes effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the presence of computers that were not used by teachers and tutors as means of teaching and learning, books that were not at teachers’ level and poor learning environment affected teachers’ professional development at the TRCs. In addition, TRCs Coordinators were not trained on how to run the centres, and tutors on how to support/facilitate teachers in distance learning. In order for the management to function effectively then, TRCs need financial support from various sources such as the government, private sectors, NGOs, and stake holders to achieve the expected goals.

Key Words: Managerial Skills, In-Service Training, Untrained, Unqualified, Pedagogy, Teacher Committees, Policy and Resources.

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