Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review

Research Paper|Published July 2020|Vol. 6 (3): 40-42.


Private Tuition Institutions A Simple Form of Capitalism: Micro Investigation in District Anantnag


Towseef Mohi Ud Din1*, Imran Yousuf2 and Nawaz Ahmad3


1School of Economics Studies, University Ujjain M.P, India.

2School of Political Science Studies, Jiwaji University Gwalior M.P.India. 3School of Education Studies Kashmir University J&K,India.



The study was done in Anantnag district. Data were collected from private institutions, especially which are located on the most famous road called Khanabal Pehalgam (KP) road. The study shows that the huge amount of money has been spent on education by parents, it has observed that weather there is a low-income group or high-income group their spending is the same on the education of their children. This service is taken as a commodity that is sold on higher prices as they wish and many institutions act as a monopoly and they hike fee 5 to 10% every two to three years.

Key Words:
Education, Economics, Spending, Capitalism.


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