Genomics Based Approaches towards Management of Plant Diseases with Emphasis on in silico Methods as a Prudent Approach

Sameeksha Tiwari, Manika Awasthi, Veda P. Pandey and Upendra N. Dwivedi


Review  I Published May,2017


Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology  Vol. 3 (3), pp.39-51





Feeding the growing population of the world in next thirty years or so requires raising overall food production on an average by fifty percent of the current food production. In view of the fact that globally on an average fifty percent of food production is lost due to various kinds of diseases, the plant disease management strategies become quite significant in fulfilling the future global food supply. Thus, the present review illustrates the various conventional as well as contemporary plant disease management strategies with emphasis on the genomics and in silico based approaches. Early detection of diseases is a crucial component of plant disease management, accordingly, a number of direct and indirect methods, which have been developed to detect various kinds of plant diseases, have been discussed. Furthermore, the various types of defence responses exhibited by plants to protect themselves against these pathogens, such as production of toxic chemicals, pathogen degrading enzymes, secondary metabolites, volatile organic compounds, etc., have been described. The present review describes both the traditional as well as contemporary disease management strategies covering the basic concepts involving the process of infection and progression of the pathogen as well as defence response exhibited by plants and their interaction with the environment. The present day biotechnology and bioinformatics have immense potential in management of plant diseases in globally shifting agricultural and environmental priorities. They have provided newer methodologies in genomics based approaches for management of plant disease resistance. Thus, the present review emphasises the recent methodologies and developments in the area of agrigenomics which have led to the development of highly promising disease management strategies along with an insight into the understanding of the impact of plant pathogen interactions at genome level.

Key Words:
Plant disease management, Agrigenomics, in silico approach, Single nucleotide polymorphism and detection methods.

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