Article Abstract

Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology

Research Paper|Published January 2020|Vol.6 (2):28-33



Consequences of The Implementation of Lesotho Highlands Water Project on Agricultural Production of Dam-Affected and Relocated Farm Families: Mohale Dam Maseru


Mopeli M, Rantlo A.M*, Mojaki R. A and Keregero K.J.B


Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, National University of Lesotho.




The study explored the consequences of the implementation of the Lesotho Highland Water Project (LHWP) on agricultural production of dam-affected and relocated farm families at Ha-Makhalanyane and Makhoakhoeng in the Maseru District. Specifically, the study sought to identify the problems caused by LHWP on agricultural production of relocated farm families; assess the suitability of the LHWP compensation policy for relocated farm families and develop strategies for addressing problems caused by LHWP on agricultural production for relocated farm families. The study involved 37 respondents relocated to Ha-Makhalanyane and Makhoakhoeng. The areas were purposively selected because they are villages that have accommodated households relocated by LHWP. A structured questionnaire was used. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. The findings revealed that the majority of the affected households depended on compensation provided by LHWP. They also revealed that resources affected by the project-centered mainly on agricultural resources. Furthermore, it was found that respondents did not derive any benefits in terms of agricultural production; beneficiaries were not involved in the design phase of compensation policy and the compensation was also not enough to make up for lost agricultural resources. Also, the compensation policy is not suitable since people were not involved in its design phase to ensure their needs were met and relocated farm families still desire to continue with their farming lifestyle despite being exposed to other options.


Keywords: LHWP, Agricultural production and productivity, Relocation and Consequences.


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